Line 163
(Sherman Way)

Line 363
(Sherman Way-Lankershim Blvd.-North Hollywood Station)

Line 363 limited-stop service (peak-hour only) was converted to local-stop Line 162. Staff said that passenger travel patterns on Sherman Way were no longer conducive to limited-stop service and they believed the move will reduce the number of transfers at Sherman Way/Lankershim Blvd. by providing a "one-seat ride" between all stops on Sherman Way and North Hollywood Station; they also indicated that some Line 163 trips in other dayparts could be converted to Line 162 in the future.

Lines 162-163

The change from limited- to local-stop service was scheduled for implementation December 12, 2011; however, the week before, the Federal Transit Administration requested Title VI (civil rights evaluation) reviews, so the system-wide First Line 162 busservice change program was suspended until that review could be completed. A public hearing was not deemed necessary because the new service directly replaces the existing service with no period of non-service; however, after the FTA request the Metro SFV Service Council opted to solicit comments on Line 162 during the public hearing for the Orange Line extension operating options. Line 363's replacement by Line 162 was implemented June 18, 2012.

A similar concept line linking Sherman Way to North Hollywood Station was proposed in 2000 during the original Metro Red Line bus-rail interface plan.

(At left: The very first Line 162 trip, bus #8266, operated by Jason Davillier from Metro Division 8. Photo taken on June 18, 2012 at 5:30am at the eastbound Sherman Way/Woodley stop.)

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