Lines 353 & 363
(Roscoe Blvd. - Sherman Way Limited)

Public Hearing CommentsLine 363 was realigned December 17, 2006 via Sherman Way - Lankershim Blvd., replacing the routing on Van Nuys Blvd. - Victory Blvd. - Laurel Canyon Blvd. - Oxnard St. The Line 353-363 loop route was discontinued June 24, 2007 and Line 363 was extended to West Hills via Sherman Way (Line 353 was extended to Woodland Hills via Roscoe Blvd. - Fallbrook Ave.); this did not require a public hearing or Governance Council approval as it was a route extension, so no map was created prior to the change. Line 363 was planned to be converted to local-stop Line 162 in December, 2011; due to the suspension of that service change program the conversion was delayed until June 18, 2012.

Line 363 Changes, December 2006

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