Warner Center to Chatsworth

Orange Line Chatsworth Extension
The map above shows the route of the Metro Orange Line busway extension from Canoga Station to the Chatsworth Metrolink Station, which began service June 30, 2012.

These layouts show the reconfiguration of Canoga Station, the street-adjacent Sherman Way, Roscoe, and Nordhoff Stations, and the reconfiguration of the south parking lot at Chatsworth Metrolink Station as the new north terminal.

Canoga Ave. Station reconfiguration

Note that this created two platforms for each direction of service; when it was pointed out to staff that this results in there being two boarding locations for North Hollywood-bound service, the response was that improved real-time signage would direct passengers to the correct platform for the next bus.

Four options were considered for operating service on the extension: One would have simply branched service at Canoga Station, with half the trips serving Warner Center and the other half, Chatsworth Station; a second would have had all trips operate to Warner Center, with half of the eastbound trips operating to/from Chatsworth from Warner Center before continuing east; the third option would have alternated trips and add a shuttle between Warner Center and Chatsworth; and a fourth would have had alternate trips operate to/from Chatsworth in both directions between Warner Center and North Hollywood. The third option was chosen for service, with a variation on the second option for night hours.

Sherman Way Station

Roscoe Blvd. Station

Nordhoff St. Station

I can spell "Nordhoff" ... apparently the staff person who created the presentation these layouts were lifted from can't.

Chatsworth Station

Not shown in this diagram is the continuation of the bridge over Lassen St. and the railroad right-of-way. The bridge was the single most expensive part of the Orange Line extension project.

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