Line 163 (Sherman Way - Hollywood Way)

MOS-2B: Realigned to serve Hollywood/Vine Station. (Line 163 already served Hollywood/Highland Station).
Line 163 Map
The original proposals called for either realigning Line 163 via Highland Ave., replacing the Yucca Ave. - Cahuenga Blvd. routing, or terminating the line at Hollywood/Vine Station, eliminating the Hollywood Blvd. routing instead.
Line 163 Proposal Map - Option 1
Line 163 Proposal Map - Option 2
MOS-3: Shortline trips proposed to be realigned to operate to North Hollywood Station via Vineland Ave.
Line 163 Proposal Map
At the November, 1999 public hearing there was no support for this proposal and it was not included in the final bus/rail interface plan; however, a similar proposal using Lankershim Blvd. rather than Vineland Ave. was implemented June 18, 2012. An alternate proposal was also suggested to operate all-day service on Line 426 and realign new Line 530 to make an off-freeway stop at North Hollywood Station, and MTA Service Planning also considered realigning full Line 163 trips to Universal City Station via Cahuenga Blvd., replacing the route into Hollywood.

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