Line 418 (Canoga Park - Downtown L.A. Express)

MOS-2B: An alternate version of Line 418 (designated "418A" on timetables) created to operate reverse-direction service (downtown to the Valley mornings, the Valley to downtown afternoons) via the Hollywood Freeway.
Line 418-A Map
MOS-3: After the Line 230 proposed realignment was removed from consideration, the alternate Line 418 alignment was proposed to be reconfigured into Line 352, replacing the freeway express segment with limited stop service on Laurel Canyon Blvd. (This was finally put into effect -- without the line number change -- on June 29, 2003, and the line was realigned via Lankershim Blvd, and renumbered Line 353 on June 27, 2005.) After one of the MTA directors voiced objections to this proposal, the "418A" experiment was discontinued and all Line 418 service was realigned to operate via the regular alignment.
Line 352 Proposal Map
The original proposed Line 352 routing used the Hollywood Freeway between Roscoe Blvd. and North Hollywood Station, as a truncation of Line 418A.
Original Line 352 Proposal Map

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