Line 522 (Reseda Blvd. - Ventura Blvd. - Downtown L.A. Express)

MOS-2B:Line proposed to be shortened, terminating at Hollywood/Vine Station, along with Lines 424-425 and 427, and renumbered Line 240. (Prevented from implementation when one of the MTA directors objected to the removal of express service to downtown.)
Line 522 Map
MOS-3: Line terminated at Universal City Station and renumbered to Line 240 (the line number for local Reseda Blvd. service prior to its replacement by Line 522 in 1995).
Line 240 Map
Line 240 began using the "flyover" bridge over the Ventura Freeway between Ventura Blvd. and Universal City Station on June 30, 2002.

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